Want to join us on a community adventure?

  • Determine your strengths and passions during a fun and interactive workshop
  • Identify the problems that you see in the community (or globally!)
  • See what difference you can make in one month, using your skills and talents to problem solve!

Our KindaChallenges take place twice a year... You will need to commit to meeting as a group for 2 hours per week and as much of your own time as possible for the whole month. You will be fully supported by people who want to see you succeed. Who knows where it may lead...a social enterprise?  Maybe a new community project?  Or you could find a new personal challenge!

Where your deepest joy meets with the world’s greatest need, there you’ll find your purpose.

 - Frederick Buechner

Through workshops and round-table discussions we will support you to realise your passions and talents, so that you can start making the meaningful changes you want to see!

Past Course Graduates

Jack’s KindaChallenge: To set up a weekly meet-up group called HEE HEE! (Healthy Economical Eating, Happy Effective Exercise)

A gradual and fun weight-loss method for all, with a focus on those diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

Jack says

The challenge helped me to focus on what I needed to start my project and also on how to motivate others to continue.

Eva’s KindaChallenge was to show kindness to self, support others and research alternative health-care data.

Eva says

It was the right thing, at the right time. I’ve enjoyed my I’M POSSIBLE challenge and have helped to support the rest of the group with theirs!

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