KindaJobs is a project that will see us supporting the vulnerable members of the community to work together.  It can often be hard to maintain a job when you suffer from an illness or debilitating affliction.  KindaJobs would see vulnerable individuals working together to form a job coalition, where everyone is valued and nobody is pressurised.  Taking each day as it comes, KindaJobs would be there to support the workforce, not the other way around.

£18,000 would see us being able to employ a full-time job coordinator and pay for essential resources to run the project itself, such as office space and stationery.

If you'd like to help us get this project going please donate or help out by fundraising!  Donations are quick, easy and secure.

Please be aware when donating:

Our aim is to allocate all funds to the exact project that a donation is gifted for. However, there may be circumstances outside of our control that mean a project goes ahead but cannot be completed, or, that we do not reach the target needed to carry through with the project. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to 'top-up' to the target from central funds but, if this is not possible, any money donated will be allocated to a similar project or, if a similar project does not exist, will be used for our general kindness work.