The Missing Kind is a volunteer-led charity and as such, we spend a lot of time and resources in making sure every member of our voluntary community has the individual support they require.  We recognise that each individual has their own strengths and similarly areas which need personal development, so we support our volunteers by ensuring that every one of them has the guidance and mentoring they need.

£100 will provide a personal development plan for a volunteer, tailored to meet their specific needs.  From safeguarding training to taking part in courses teaching them how to write a successful CV; your donation will provide the groundwork for an individual, enabling them to progress with their personal journey and improve their employability skills.

Please be aware when donating:

Our aim is to allocate all funds to the exact project that a donation is gifted for.  However, there may be circumstances outside of our control that mean a project goes ahead but cannot be completed, or, that we do not reach the target needed to carry through with the project.  In such circumstances, we will endeavour to 'top-up' to the target from central funds but, if this is not possible, any money donated will be allocated to a similar project or, if a similar project does not exist, will be used for our general kindness work.