People sleeping rough in Norwich can access emergency accommodation and support during periods of exceptionally cold weather through the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP). This is activated by a temperature of zero degrees Celsius or lower forecast for at least three consecutive nights.

Norwich City Council has more information about the protocol and how you can help those sleeping rough on their website here.

Thank you to Norwich Soup Movement for sharing additional information on their Facebook page. Here's a summary of advice they received from Caroline Kingham at Norwich City Council:

  • Anyone without a bed tonight needs to go to The Arc on Pottergate, (where they can also get food and hot drinks) and speak to the CAPS team to get booked in somewhere tonight.

  • If you see anyone in need of assistance today, or for the rest of the week, before 5pm, then you can advise them about the above and they will be able to get a safe space through that process.

  • If you meet someone that needs assistance after 5pm, then the SWEP number is still the one to call, 0344 980 3333 (you can still call this before 5pm too). We advise you to speak with the person that you think needs assistance, and confirm that they do want help and respect their choices. Please don't call for people that are asleep without checking with them first etc, assuming that you are helping, as this may be upsetting or confusing to some. Obviously if you find someone that is clearly suffering from the cold and is too unwell to give consent to being helped, then call an ambulance.

  • Once a place has been secured for an individual, they should be sent transport/a taxi to get them to where they need to be.

They also advised that accommodation does not automatically mean people will be fed, and while all soup runs are still going ahead, it's still a long time between meals. Please be aware that you may still be asked for pennies for some food. If you can help, great, if you want to help but can't afford to then please message the Norwich Soup Movement Facebook page and they will see what they can do. To see the full Facebook post click here.

Our KindaKafe on Castle Meadow, Norwich is also open today from 10am-5pm offering free hot meals and drinks to those in need. Read more here.