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The Cost of Kindness

Help us make sure our work reaches those who need it most. Read more

30 Day Challenge

To support dedicated and passionate individuals to develop their ideas for social or environmental impact Read more

Social Enterprise School

The Missing Kind believes that social entrepreneurs are the future and that social enterprises will pave the way for a better, brighter world. Help us help these brilliant individuals get their businesses with a conscience off the ground. Read more

Listen Up!

Are you all ears when it comes to a new idea? The Missing Kind is supporting the KindaListening project, which trains people in how to not just hear, but really listen to what those around them are saying. Read more

Support for those in crisis

Help us to help people going through a crisis and who feel ostracised by society, by supporting them with kindness and compassion via trained facilitator peer support groups Read more

Thank You Project

We believe that the people who take care of us deserve to be thanked properly, to have a little rest and relaxation for themselves once in a while. Read more

Volunteer Training

Sponsor a volunteer to undertake a personalised training and development programme to help them grow in confidence, gain skills and spread kindness far and wide! Read more


KindaJobs is a project we’re going to be running in the future, first we need enough funding to get the idea of the ground and that’s where you come in! Read more

Children of the Future

Do you believe that the world belongs to the next generation? Then support us in training them in how to run their own ethically minded, socially conscious businesses Read more

Pay it forward

Our Pay it forward scheme helps people in need benefit from a hot drink in our friendly KindaKafe. Your donation will help brighten up someone's day. Read more

KindaForest School

A new and different Forest School supported by the Missing Kind charity has launched in Kali Woods, Holton. Kinda Forest School is centred around the principles of kindness and permaculture and seeks to provide children with a holistic experience of education Read more