KindaVillage Wales

With the village blossoming into existence, there’s a lot of options of how you can get involved. Read more


A web-based ‘toolbox’ of 100's of worksheets and ideas for school activities. Designed for use in primary schools and home-schooling environments, to inspire kindness in young children - who, after all, are our future! Read more


Allowing freedom of choice to flow through to the youngest members of our society. Read more


Because feeling heard helps.. Does hearing about other people's loneliness sadden you? Are you aware of the mental health crisis in our society? Are you ready to be the change and listen more effectively to those who need support? Read more

KindaKafe Movement

Bringing the world together through the socially conscious community hub - the local cafe. Read more

The Emerging Kind

The Emerging Kind is an exciting project based on the outcomes from the #Emerging Proud International launch events to ‘re-frame madness’ - training peers to facilitate ‘safe space’ support groups for people in crisis around the UK Read more

Thank You Project

The Thank You project is a way for us to help you thank someone in your community who goes the extra mile for others. Read more

Oby Mill

A Green-Care Permaculture and Heritage Retreat Centre. Read more