An art-retreat situated in Rila Mountain, close to the Rila Monastery and just a few minutes walk to the natural rock phenomenon of Stob Pyramids.

A unique and tranquil place to relax and slow down.  A perfect spot for anyone who loves nature, art and the simplicity of the rural lifestyle.

The space

Adart Home embraces the passion for simple living and our vision is to create a wholehearted, nature-friendly lifestyle, devoting all our time and love to make a small and simple organic home with art and Earth activities that many people can benefit from.

Our aim is to be a sustainable, simple and healthy place in nature - trying to provide the best for the mind and body, through relaxing activities such as art, music, meditation and writing. We run art workshops, guided mountain walks and make fabulous food from local and garden produce!

For the last two years we at Adart Home have invested all our time, energy, love and passion into bringing an old village house and garden back to life. A lot of work but all well worth doing!