In September 2017 we ran ticketed tours of our magnificent basement below our Headquarters in Norwich for the first time ever as part of Heritage Open Days!

Not only did we want to share our spooky basement with the public, but we were fascinated to learn more about it.  What is the story of the sub-basement?  Was it an old shop front?  Perhaps it was the home of the old prison warden for the Castle, with the tunnels that connected him to his workplace?  Or was it a secret escape and a place to hide, with tunnels connecting to Blackfriars? 

If you'd like to know feel free to get in touch, we've got lots more information on the history of our venue now and it's a fascinating tale!

Ponds Museum

We also had the Ponds Museum upstairs open, with plenty of information on the old shoe shop that stood on the grounds of 21-23 Castle Meadow for over 100 years.  There were photos of what the venue looked like when it was a fully functioning and pioneering independent shoe makers, as well as some of the old tools they used to use in the factory.  We even had all the artifacts that were dug out of our basement tunnel, on show in the upstairs hub space, for people to see!

We'll be running more tours of our basement throughout 2018. To express your interest in a tour please email [email protected]