The famous Scott Adams quote “Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness - every act creates a ripple with no logical end" sums up Diss Kindness.

Celebrating their 2nd birthday this month, Diss Kindness has sent out many ripples, some that are visible such as the Diss Kindness Facebook group which now has over 600 members and the popular and forever growing Kindness Club which started in July 2016. 

The Group and Club is well known in the area not only for their regular random acts of kindness in the town, but for many other projects.  The Twiddle Muff and Blankets of Kindness projects is something which the whole community has got involved with and in turn is returned to the community. Kindness challenges for all ages appear regularly on the Facebook Group and it is used often by its members to ask for help in their own charitable projects.

The Club has evolved from being a 6-week summer holiday project, to what is now an inter-generational club meeting weekly, at a housing with care scheme, in the centre of Diss. Welcoming people of all ages from babies to nonagenarians, the group is full of laughter and kindness, craft activities together with a lot of tea drinking and rounded off with an afternoon tea and games.