KindaBusiness Hub Membership Application

We’re delighted you’re interested in joining our KindaBusiness hub!

As a member you will have access to:

- A supportive and nurturing environment to plan and develop your social enterprise
- A peer support network of like-minded individuals all passionate about creating social
change through social enterprise
- Hot desks for ad hoc business activity available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
- Use of internet and access to printing facilities
- 20% discount on meeting room and event space hire (exc. out of hours bookings)
- Promotional support within The Missing Kind network i.e. social media, website, events
networking and social enterprise events
- A directory of services offered by The Missing Kind associates i.e. websites, accountancy,
marketing, start-up guidance
- Secure locker storage
- A postal address and pigeon hole for official communications
- 10% discount in the KindaKafe


The hub exists to support new and emerging social entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses with social purposes.

The main purpose of the membership is to create a peer support network and promote and encourage continuous social impact activity.

Members may wish to work together to identify partnership opportunities for business and funding applications.

We’d be grateful if members could promote the hub where possible and offer support to new and emerging social entrepreneurs.

The Missing Kind will continuously seek funding for the development of activities and services offered by the KindaBusiness Hub.


- To contribute to the sustainability of the KindaBusiness Hub as a vibrant and creative space
which empowers enterprise development
- To share and trade information, knowledge and skills
- To ensure that all activity is free from discrimination and promotes diversity

Access to hub:

The hub will be available for use Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. Opening days and times may be subject to change following consultation with hub members. Occasionally the hub space is used for events, in this case we will make meeting rooms available to hub members instead.

We expect that our KindaBusiness Hub Members will:

- Ensure all information and communication stored at, or associated with, The Missing Kind is
legal, ethical and in keeping with The Missing Kind’s social mission.
- Keep the hub and kitchen clean and tidy.
- Offer “kind time” to new start-ups as your social enterprise grows and feel able to offer
relevant guidance and inspiration as role models.
- Be responsible for arranging their own insurance for their belongings. The Missing Kind
accepts no liability for loss or damage of members’ personal or business belongings whilst
using the hub.


We recognise that each member may choose to disclose ideas, work in progress or funding applications whilst using the hub. Please do not copy the ideas or work of others without their knowledge and consent, especially where there may be a competitive conflict of interest.


If you need more information or have any questions please contact:

Tom Gaskin, Venue & Social Enterprise Development Manager

Telephone: 01603 850309

Email: [email protected]


Willow Farrell, Administrator

Telephone: 01603 850309

Email: [email protected]

Membership details:

Details of member:

Membership is charged monthly at £25 per member.

If your organisation would like to register more than one member, please ask them to fill out this form with the same enterprise information.

Billing details:

Invoices will be sent at the end of each month. Please provide contact details for invoicing purposes.


We collect the information in this form, and any supplementary information, for the purposes of assessing your suitability as a KindaBusiness Hub Member and also so that we have contact information to communicate with you, send invoices and for our records. Your email address will be automatically added to a mailing list to inform you of any changes to the KindaBusiness Hub, opening hours or your membership. There is an option to unsubscribe on each email, but you will then no longer receive these updates.

We keep this information confidential within our organisation and do not share it with others outside of our organisation.

By completing and submitting this form, you are giving us your consent to use your information for the above stated purposes and agreeing to comply with the expectations detailed in this agreement.