The banner photo shows our charity founder, Hugh Callacher, working away in the Norwich KindaKafe.  He’s even modelling one of our organic cotton, 100% carbon neutral, T-Shirts, from our ethical KindaShop!

An Honours Degree in Engineering and a Chartered Engineer.

I left school at 15 and worked my way up through the academic ranks, craft to technican, ONC to HNC, BSc to Honours and suddenly I realised at 23, on the day of graduation, ‘this ain't for me!’ and skipped the graduation ceremony!  I decided to fight against the system through hard work, strategy and dedication. With these ingredients I figured I could do better with the rest of my life and gain more reward and purpose outside of conformity. Professional...No! Passionate..Yes!

Hence the journey began and continues today, as I climbed a ladder to a modest top, looked over the wall and knew then that it was on the wrong wall!  I realised the kindness experienced when I had nothing was left behind, it was at ground level. Hence my passion to make a difference at ground level.

I am very grateful for the rewards and immense opportunities I received for my hard work and more so for the good health enjoyed on this journey.

Waffle aside, today my vision of a residential intentional kindness community is becoming a reality. Thanks to my one remaining company Visiongroup (GB) Ltd, I can fulfill all my social objectives, the hub of which is supporting the values and work of the charity 'The Missing Kind'.  A community for like-minded people who want social justice for humans, animals and the planet; an ego-free collective to make sustainable change through ethical commercial endeavour ....exciting times!