As well as running a fantastic range of our own events, we also hire out our spaces to various groups.  We’ve already held countless events this year, with wonderful local groups, including the volunteer speed-meet for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, a weekly art group by [email protected], to improve well-being amongst women, a very special birthday party for some lovely members of the local community, a Valentine’s meal hosted by Your Gluten Freedom and the FarmShare Annual General Meeting.

Norfolk and Norwich 2017 Volunteer speed-meet

The Missing Kind aims for each of its events to have a social change impact, enlightening and educating the local community or giving new opportunities for people to reach out and interact with their neighbourhood.  We hope that through our events people are encouraged to see things from a different perspective.  

By facilitating different events and room hiring it allows us to meet and interact with our Norwich neighbourhood, enabling us to learn more about the needs and passions of the people who make up our fine city.  

Events act as a great outreach to the network of support groups in Norwich and through them it is made possible for us to spread our kindness message even further.  Guided by a kind heart and an open mind our guests and hosts alike have found compassion and new friends in a safe space.

If you’d like to find out more about what space we have on offer and how you can hire a room (or even two) then just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you soon.