Our aim is that any money you donate will go directly into paying for the costs of whichever project you nominate. However, there may be circumstances outside of our control that mean a project goes ahead but cannot be completed, or, that we do not reach the target needed to carry through with the project. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to 'top-up' to the target from central funds but, if this is not possible, any money donated will be allocated to a similar project or, if a similar project does not exist, will be used for our general kindness work.

We want to be transparent in what we use our funds for and you will see that each project we collect donations for on our Donate pages has a scale which shows how much has been donated towards each target.  Some projects are ongoing and some new or for one-off activities.  In addition to any donations shown, we may be able to use core funding, trading profits or grants to allocate to projects ourselves - maybe to kick-start them, or to top-up existing donations.  

We endeavor to show what impact your money is having on our Social Impact page, so please take a look there, as well as on our Projects pages, to see what we’re up to and how your money is being put to good use!