A project to train people in deep listening skills, so that they can more effectively support the wellbeing of others in their community.  Many people may be struggling to cope, for whatever reason and trained 'KindaListeners' will be able to bring their enhanced skills into every conversation; be it with members of their family, friends, at work or with strangers within the community.

Recognising that to be heard is a powerful healing tool, we are seed-funding Linda Allen's KindaListening project that will train kind people in deep listening and empowering conversational skills.  The idea is that these people can then better support other people needing help within the community, perhaps preventing more major problems for them.  This is an ongoing program of workshops for anyone who wants to help others, or for people already working in roles at charities, etc, who would benefit from enhanced listening skills.

Are you all ears?  If you're interested in becoming a KindaListener contact us today. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to donate towards this cause you can find our Donate page right here.