Message from the founder...

When you get to the top of the ladder and become successful you don’t see the same kindness as you do at the bottom.  In my experience, often people become too materialistic and end up having bills to pay, so they forget that kindness is intrinsic.  They don’t have time for it anymore.  I came from a background where I had nothing, but people were kind and I think I represent a lot of young people leaving home and losing the community kindness.  I want to bring that kindness back to the world and support those who are spreading kindness.

If you'd like to learn more about how we're integrating kindness into our lives and the lives of others, why not take a look at our projects pages?  Join a project lists all the projects that you can get involved with and Our Projects list shows you all the campaigns that we're currently running or are on the brink of launching!

People are starting to realise that kindness is an essential part of a flourishing and healthy community and with so much focus on mental health and wellbeing lately, it's no surprise that kindness is starting to become a buzzword again.  If we really want to live in a kind community, we need to be raising our children with compassion and care as a central part of their communication, so that they can grow into the kind adults we long to populate our neighbourhoods with.  The Making Caring Common Project run by Harvard University in America understands this and seeks to promote kindness and empathy within our young people and our homes, by giving families resources and running campaigns based on kindness.

Orly Wahba is one person who understands the idea of integrating kindness into our lives as an essential component of our personality.  Watch this video to see what she has to say about kindness and her thoughts on how we can use it to change not just the way we view ourselves, but also the way we live within this world.