Norwich FarmShare is about much more than delicious vegetables – it’s about building and being part of a community. We make connections, we have mutual interests, we exchange advice and bounce ideas off each other. We have social events, we eat together, we share recipes and swap seeds to grow at home. We learn new skills and we all do our bit to keep our community alive and growing.   

We’re part of a worldwide movement of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) schemes, and the largest of its kind is Norfolk. CSAs are a partnership between farmers and the local community, in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared. Our members pay a monthly subscription to join the FarmShare cooperative, and they can then sign up to collect a chemical-free weekly veg bag (three different sizes) from our city centre hub (eggs and fruit available too). 

The apparent abundance and choice in supermarkets gives the false impression that the food system is functioning, disguising both its insecurity and the destructive impacts on the environment – and on our health and the wellbeing of our societies too. Every pound we spend is a vote, so by producing and eating local seasonal, ecologically grown food, we are supporting the transition towards a healthier, more resilient and sustainable food system.

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