A Random Act of Kindness is exactly that!  Something that you do for someone that shows kindness and compassion to them.  It can be a bit tricky coming up with the first idea, so why not let us give you a few to get you started...

  • Stand in a park with a sign that says 'Free Hugs' and give hugs to passers by!
  • Write silly messages onto bits of paper and put them in supermarkets, you could hide them in the plastic bits where prices go!
  • Create A4 pages with tear off compliments and put them up around the city, on lampposts or trees even!
  • Make a track list of happy songs.  Whenever someone walks past who looks a bit down, follow them for 5 - 10 seconds playing one of the happy songs.*
  • Drive behind a jogger and play the eye of the tiger track

  • Stand and open a door for people for 15 minutes somewhere busy, maybe during lunchtime.
  • Visit a local residential home and offer to make a cup of tea for everyone /  help out by talking to some of the elderly people there.
  • Place an advert in a local hospital offering to walk dogs for sick people.
  • Pick some flowers or take some baby plants and hand them out to people as they walk past.
  • Pay for someone's bus ticket in the queue behind you.
  • Pay for someone else's tab in a bar or restaurant without them knowing.
  • Buy or make nice cards with friendly messages in and post them through people's letter boxes.
  • Plant seeds in sad looking abandoned places around the city, soon they will be blooming with colour!
  • Stand at the entrance to a supermarket and give out free bags for life to people who have forgotten theirs.
  • Organise a clean up, local pathways and cycle tracks, beaches and road sides all need taking care of
  • Start a KindaAllotment and offer the space to homeless people to help them grow their own food.

  • Leave fabric conditioner / powder on top of washing machines at the laundrette
  • Go out and give warm clothes to homeless people on Winter evenings
  • Send postcards to sick children, or send a postcard to their sibling to offer support http://www.sendkidstheworld.com/index.php/home.html
  • Put money into a vending machine and choose something then leave it there
  • Leave toys at a park with a note saying they are free
  • Leave a book in a plastic cover on a park bench with a note inside saying hello
  • Leave a bunch of flowers at someone's door
  • Take flowers to all the residents of a residential home
  • Take socks and gloves to homeless shelters
  • Take blankets to homeless shelters
  • Go to a cancer ward and take something nice - pineapples or hats!
  • Put bird feeders around the city

*Happy song suggestions - 

'What a Wonderful World' Louis Armstrong

'Over the Rainbow' Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

'Happy' Pharrell Williams

'Dancing Queen' Abba

'I Gotta Feeling' Black Eyed Peas