We believe that all charities should be transparent about the way donated money is spent

We are a volunteer-led charity, keeping our management and staff costs to a minimum to ensure donations go, as much as possible, towards delivering social impact through our venues and projects.

Our intention is to build a network of self-sustaining social enterprises that donate all their profits to support the charity's costs and social impact work.

So far...

We've spent the first 2 years establishing a strong foundation and infrastructure for the charity, creating the venue network from which we deliver our charitable activities.  To enable this, we've relied heavily on large donations. We are extremely grateful to our main commercial sponsors: Glazing Vision Limited (GV), Diss, Norfolk and VisionGroup (GB) Limited. The majority of their donations are used to purchase property for the charity - so far: our HQ and charitable venue in Norwich, our KindaVillage farm in Wales, Oby Mill and Preston Sands Hotel. The donations for property purchase are given to us on the condition that there is a lock against sale for the purposes of protecting the long-term asset base of the charity.  We now have great bases from which to support all the kind people coming to us with their social impact ideas.  

Our network social enterprises, currently the Missing Sock in Cambridge and Preston Sands Hotel in Paignton, donate all profits to support local social impact initiatives and to help pay for the charitable activities of the Missing Kind. We also earn trading income through sales from our ethical shop and KindaKafe and through events and room hire at our venue in Norwich.

Our trustees volunteer their time to the charity unpaid and we rely on a fantastic team of volunteers to help us with our various charitable projects.  We are very grateful to all who donate funds and time to further the work of our charity.

The annual report and accounts of the Missing Kind are available through the Charities Commission for public view, but any written financial queries relating to the charity’s funds and spending will be happily received.