Our social enterprise school offers a 12-14 week training program, which delivers practical, person-centred workshops on business processes, how to face the fear of starting a social business and managing setbacks. Targeted surgeries will concentrate on those activities that confuse or cause stress and we will have various guests, bid writers and business mentors to inspire and guide.


My name is Ana Calistru and I am the founder of the Wise Living with Ana social enterprise. This enterprise started from my passion for the environment and people and its aim is to offer safe, ecological cleaning services and consultancy to regular households. Since the launch of this social enterprise we have also held many free seminars aiming to educate people about the benefits of using natural cleaning products.  

I am very grateful to all the people involved in the initiation of this wonderful project. Not only do I finally feel happy and productive in my career, but I see every day how my business contributes to a beautiful social change.

This would not have been possible without the support and guidance of the Missing Kind's Social Enterprise School. Our wonderful, dedicated teacher, Jacqui Starling took us through a brilliant course where we learned everything we needed to know about what a social enterprise is, how to start it and how to run it. Not only was she a wonderful teacher, but she also made sure we had a support group and mentors to guide us through. Long after the course was done, she continued meeting with us, hearing our stories, encouraging us and supporting us with any resource she could think of. And when the idea didn't come in the spot she would call us later on with a solution.
Ana Calistru, Social Enterprise School Graduate and Owner of Wise Living With Ana

I enjoyed the course and felt the support from the facilitator and the team at TMK was second to none. Highly recommended. I have learnt so much and I feel confident in moving forward with Jamaikin Mi Hungry as a result of this!

Eileen, Social Enterprise School Graduate and owner of Jamaikin' Mi Hungry.

Social Enterprise Schools are run in collaboration with Lola Stafford Consulting.

Dates for 2018

Our next Social Enterprise School is sponsored by the Santander Discovery Grant.  The School will run from Saturday 10th February to Saturday 5th May and is open to anyone who is interested in starting up a Social Enterprise but may have encountered some personal challenges or barriers and need practical support in a relaxed environment.

You may only be just thinking about what you would like to achieve or already have some ideas - we will help you through the process with practical workshops to prepare you to meet the mental and emotional challenges of starting up on your own. 

The full 12-week programme includes:

  • What is a social enterprise?
  • What a Business Plan should include
  • Legal obligations and financial planning
  • Managing anxiety and preparing for success
  • Sales, marketing and branding

PLUS: Targeted interactive surgeries on registering your business and creating your governing documents, completing a grant bid, using social media and writing policy documents.

We welcome all ages and applicants from across the county. There are no benefit or employment restrictions - just come to us with a great idea and the passion to make it happen!

For more information and to request an application form contact Jacqui Starling 07806392254 or email [email protected] 

Hugh Callacher, founder of the Missing Kind charity says

We support ethical commercial endeavour and aim to develop networks of social enterprise companies, that will contribute to support the next generation of social entrepreneurs to success.  We will stimulate communal wellbeing, kindness, sufficiency and fun into our network, to maximise the success of all those connected with us.