Are we born kind or is it a behaviour that's taught to us by our peers and our society?  Surely kindness and empathy come from a language spoken by all?  Smile at someone in any culture and they will understand that you are being friendly.  Offer a hand to someone when they've fallen and it's hard to misinterpret the gesture.  These actions come to us as intrinsically as moving our legs to walk, or catching a ball thrown to us.  But were we taught how to be kind or have these actions always been a part of our biology?  A staple ingredient of our humanity, present from birth?

There’s a lot of debates online at the moment, about whether babies are born with empathy, some really interesting reading can be done on this site and we would encourage you to take a look and decide what you think for yourself.

And just for a bit of a 'feel-good' read, here's a photography article from the BBC, on how women, from different cultures across the world, reacted to a compliment.