Here at the Missing Kind, we know how important kindness is.  But you don't need to just take our word for it!

We've gathered together some testimonials, from people who have interacted with different parts of our charity's services, to see what they thought of the Missing Kind.

Testimonial for the 30 Day Challenge:

"By doing the 30 day challenge it helped me to think about where I wanted to go and what steps I needed to take to get there. I also learnt about Craftivism, as a way of people being able to get a message across but in a gentle way."

- Sabrina Bartram, a previous 30 Day Challenge participant, who now runs a regular event connected to her original idea for the challenge.

Testimonial for the 'Pay it Forward' scheme (where a prepaid voucher can be redeemed for a free meal or drink) in the KindaKafe:

"I think it’s wonderful what you’ve done here, I don’t have anywhere else I can go where they look after me the way you do here.  Ryan's so good to me, you all are."

Sally, a homeless member of the local Norwich community and a regular in the KindaKafe.

Testimonial for Breathing Space, our holistic retreat centre and the base for our 'Thank You' project in Hickling, Norfolk:

"I walked in feeling so low and dragged down. I walked out feeling lighter, re-energised and ready to face my future, in fact I'm a bit excited as to where it might take me!

- from an individual who was sent to Breathing Space on a Thank You project retreat.

Testimonial from a volunteer:

Testimonial from Social Enterprise School:

"I thought Jacqui was a great course leader in her preparation, information, engagement, delivery, structure, enthusiasm, humour, knowledge, compassion and willing to help as much as possible in class and out through email or phone. I found Jacqui and the course very inspiring which helped me engage and look forward to each week of the course. The course gave me a deep understanding of how social enterprise runs and how to tackle and manage different aspects of business. I feel I gained many new tools and knowledge to use and help me to start my idea for my new business. I also felt that Jacqui's delivery of the course gave myself and the others true belief in ourselves and that each of our individual business ideas were very much worth exploring and starting up. I now have a stronger connection to my business idea which is more clearer and viable for me to create. I can't thank Jacqui, the Missing Kind and the sponsors enough for their passion, resources, time, energy and compassion to help me improve and make a difference."

- Woody, Social Enterprise Graduate