Our Mission

To establish a global network of communities, venues and projects, supporting those with a passion for social justice to make their difference to the world

Our Vision

A kind, sustainable world built on sensitivity, sharing and sufficiency

Our Values

Why are these our values?

Inclusivity - We achieve our greatest influence by sharing without judgement. Our beneficiaries are defined only by need, or a passion to share what they have and what they know. We can best change this world by being inclusive; working inside the problem to avoid alienation from those most in need.

Empowerment – We help individuals into self-support, using our facilities and network to build confidence and opportunity.  Helping those with a passion for change realise their social impact ambitions through independent Social Enterprise.

Social Equality - We believe that all people are equal and deserve the same opportunities in life.  That enough is enough and that we should share what we have, give what is excess.

Passion - This is the most important ingredient for those wishing to make a difference; often misunderstood as interest or a long day at the office! Our mission is to support passion, helping those gifted and dedicated to social impact with our resources.

Self-sustainability - It is very important to us to invest in tomorrow.  We are not a frontline, hole-patching charity, although we are respectful and grateful to those that are.  We support ‘help-yourself’ solutions and projects that can become self-sustainable.

Community - Working together we can change the world.  Sharing resources is key to sustainable social impact. We promote the benefits of community through social cafes, co-housing, co-operative buying, resource sharing, social action and a fair economy - actively engaging with those in the communities around us who want to become part of this movement.