The Oxford English Dictionary describes kindness as 'The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.'  It's a quality we can all have. As children, we're raised to be kind by our support network of parents, carers and teachers, we're taught to believe in kindness and to show it to others.  So why is it that as we grow up, kindness becomes something which all too often we take for granted?  Maybe we forget to say thank you when someone holds open a door for us, or perhaps we were in too much of a rush to smile back at the cashier who helped us pack our shopping bags.  It's such an intrinsic part of a happily functioning society, it makes people feel valued and appreciated and yet frequently it seems to be missing from our emotional vocabulary.

This is where the Missing Kind was born, in a world that had kindness at its heart, but that just needed a little nudge to remember it.  To remember that sometimes the simplest acts can be the warmest, the most remembered, the kindest.

"Kindness, a corny little word, a word not in the vocabulary of many cultures. For those living as a community it's a way of life.

The Western lifestyle is such that 'kindness' increasingly requires recognition, often triggering spontaneous, superficial actions. There is an incoming tide of change, that 'Missing Kind' is coming home!"

- Hugh Callacher, Founder of the Missing Kind